Nordic Business Law Academy by Roschier


Are you interested in a career in business law with an international dimension? Are you hungry to learn from the best in the business? Are you eager to grow your professional network?

Apply to take part in the Nordic Business Law Academy (NBLA), and you will learn how a real-life M&A transaction evolves. TheNBLA is a law student program comprising seminars, workshops, practical exercises and networking in a team setting. It offers a unique platform to learn on a practical, hands-on level in a real-world business context and provides you with essential professional insight from top lawyers and client representatives. 

The NBLA will span over four sessions arranged in spring 2018, starting with a kick-off session in January and ending with signing and closing ceremonies in April. In addition to the case study work, there will be evening programs and social gatherings. The NBLA also includes a customized professional skills training to give you a first-hand experience of how Roschier supports learning.

The application period is between 6 October and 6 November 2017. You can apply for the Nordic Business Law Academy program if you have at least 200 credits (Finland) or have completed six semesters (Sweden).

For more information, please see the NBLA page on our website:]

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